The night before the first snow

Today was very hot day. It's the end of spring but It seems to me it's real summer here. It's a pleasure to see cold autumn photos in such hot day. I've just found photos from my small trip to Nerekhta city.
By the way, Nerekhta is a very nice city. It's very small but very cute.

The air temperature dropped to almost zero and the air was fresh and clear. Picturesque to the world were added dark clouds against the blue sky. It’s impossible to sit still, you can’t have such beauty on the street.
I decided to visit any place around my Kostroma and see all around.
Direction was Nerekhta city. I have not been to this small town for a long time. The result of the trip is in front of you. Beautiful autumn weather ...
And this morning the whole sky was clouded by a dense gray veil from which sleet and rain fell on the ground all night.
During my walk in the vicinity of Nerekhta, the sun went down over the horizon, leaving only orange reflections in the sky. A small lake almost in the dark made me stop and take a closer look. Maybe the photos do not convey those shades and colors, then there were such magical shades in the smooth surface of the water that it was impossible to pass by.

I remember that day. It was realy cold but there was no snow and it was very beautiful skies and all around was coloured with orange sun. I always want to show a beauty of nature.
By the way, the next day the whole sky sucked in clouds, it began to snow and the view of the world changed overnight. I, as a photographer, always like when there is light. Of course, there is always light, but if there is a sun in the sky, then the light is very decorated, drawing pictures of nature.
Sometimes, the light penetrates through the clouds and it is very soft. This can also be very beautiful.



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