November day on Volga river

One good evening in Kostroma

It was today evening. I've just completed my workday and went to home but I saw very bright and colorful sky. And I decided to go to Volga river and to see at the sunset. And it was great show!
Autumn sunsets are especially beautiful. I love autumn despite the fact that the weather is not very good and there is little sun. But autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons.
Not only I love autumn. For example, the famous Russian poet Pushkin was also in love with autumn. It would seem that in our climate we should love more than summer. But in the summer - hot, dusty, a lot of flies and mosquitoes.
In the autumn the air is clear and clean. This makes the sky very beautiful and can be seen very well.
But today's sunset was very expressive. The sun was already hidden behind the horizon, so the sun was visible only by the light reflected by the clouds. Red clouds painted west and made the view of the Volga truly beautiful.
The combination of red, burgundy, blue and purple tones makes the picture simply not real, but I declare with full responsibility - this was exactly the way it was tonight.
The picture of the sunset made me feel so strong that I even decided to make several panoramas. The real sunset view takes less than an hour. The colors in the sky change subtly and in the reflection of the sky in the water.





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