Forester's axe

The real Kostroma forest right in the studio

My articles about Crimea will continue soon, as I process photos from the trip. After the vacation, I got a lot of work that does not allow me to devote time to photographs from the Crimea.
But I have something to brag about without Crimean photos.
I have an old and kind client - this is a master smith. This man is engaged in forging axes. I have repeatedly shown his work, but today is a special case.
It so happened that the blacksmith decided to hold an action and sell off a certain ax model.
For this purpose, I took a sample and asked the blacksmith what it was called. It turned out that this ax is called a forester.
I decided that it was worth going to the forest and taking photographs of an ax in nature there. This is not a bad idea, but it has some problems. In the forest it is very difficult to control the lighting of an ax.
So I decided that I would take a piece of wood to my studio and take photographs of an ax there.
Using a scoop, I removed the top layer from the soil along with moss and all the plants that were on it. Here and cranberries and blueberries, and even mushrooms.
This layer was 60x40 centimeters in size. I put the layer in a large cardboard box and packed the ambassador in a plastic bag. In this form, within an hour I took a piece of wood from the forest to the studio.
As a result, I got beautiful photos of an ax, which I hope will help my client sell this.
I must say that these axes are real works of art. When he works on these products in the forge, he puts both his soul and strength and knowledge.
I want to add that recently the master blacksmith sells his axes even to Finland. If anyone is interested, then I can help and assist in the acquisition of forge products.












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