City center of Kostroma

Fire Tower

The fire tower in Kostroma is one of the main sights. Architect Fursov made the project and construction began in the first quarter of the 19th century. The building is not only beautiful but also functionally important. To monitor the state of the city's fire-fighting condition is best from the center. The high tower of this building finely completes and decorates the architectural ensemble of the main square of Kostroma.
I live a couple of steps from the city center and very often visit this square. Here and this time, there was a wonderful warm summer evening and I went out on the street with a camera. I was not going to take photos, but I could not resist. That's very beautiful. Condition of the sky and burning lights.
I was very sorry that I did not take a tripod with me. I always really like photographs with a long exposure, on which the lights of cars are stretched into yellow, red and white lines.
I took off my hands and could not afford very long exposures.
And sometimes you can use a long excavation as a means to remove people from the streets. If the exposure is long, then passing people will not remain in the image.
And I made a big panorama of our central square. This is the latest photo in this article.
Speaking about this panorama, I want to note that we have a very beautiful center in the city of Kostroma. I visited many cities in the Golden Ring of Russia and visited many places abroad of our country, but I can say that I still have to look for such a beautiful and harmonious place.
Despite the fact that there is a very well known building of shopping malls, a beautiful guardhouse and a lot of other buildings, the tall building dominates and is a symbol of Kostroma. Rival for this title can only Ipatievsky monastery.










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