A walk in the Russian forest

The best landscapes of my small homeland

A few days ago I was in the forest on the banks of the Volga River. This is a very beautiful place. Pines grow around and through the branches the sun breaks through. I came to this place in the afternoon. The sun should soon sit over the horizon.
The forest here is clear and with a clean undergrowth. It is very pleasant to walk in such a forest. Around there are many different small wonderful paintings, which are asked in the photo.
The first thing I saw and wanted to take pictures is the spider webs on the grass.
They shine with light and make a spider web a work of natural art. The warm shades of the pine bark and the yellow rays of the setting sun are pleasing to my gaze.
At that moment, when the sun came down closer to the edge of the earth, the most famous golden hour came. And then I had a feeling of complete delight when I saw how the golden rays of the sun paint the water of the river.
When the sun began to hide behind a distant forest and the sky was painted in red and pink shades, I already went home from the forest.
It was a wonderful walk and I am very glad that I visited that forest.
It's amazing how beautiful it was in that forest and how difficult it is to convey in the photo the feeling from this place. I do not know if I got it. I hope, if you look through all these photos, that feeling, the emotion that I experienced, may appear.
By the way, this place is called Kozlovy Gory. That in translation means "mountains of a goat".














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