A good piece of meat

If you want to cook meat well you need good axe

It's nice to combine a photo of an intresno product made of metal made in a real smithy. A beautiful thing requires a good environment. I mean meat or food, something where this axe can be used.
I decided to bring an axe to a real professional kitchen and make a photo shoot. I took a large piece of beef from the refrigerator so that I could cut off a large cut with a large axe.
And I will cut off a large piece of beef for myself and make an excellent dinner.

For shooting I brought two flashes on the stands and two umbrellas. The kitchen is not very much room and I was very cramped. But as a result, I did something that seemed interesting to me. It was necessary to show the beauty of metal axe and juiciness of meat.
And this is not bad suited to the contest of 
SettingsISO 320 45 mm f/8 1/100
CameraCanon 5D mk II
LensCanon EF 24-105mm f/4

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