3Speak Twitter Awareness Campaign YouTubeIsOverParty

YouTubers are being purged from Youtube left & right!
Right now  YoutubeIsOverParty is trending all over Twitter!
Call to action:
To earn upvotes create a video about why content creators should move from YouTube to 3speak.
  • Use a Meme from the Epic Meme Contest as your 3speak video Thumbnail. You can grab a meme from the epic meme contest 
  • Share your 3Speak video link on Twitter using the hashtag  YouTubeIsOverParty and tag a Youtuber you think would benefit from joining 3Speak.
  • Drop a link to your 3speak video + Twitter link below for upvotes.
This is an on-going effort, complete this initiative and use the Steem tag "#promo-steem" (put this tag last on Steem, put more relevant information as the first tag) and we will find you, and we will upvote you. Note, only use "#promo-steem" tag on Steem, not Twitter.

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