How to use Flash

How to use Flash
When photographing a bunch of flowers
 Flower as much as possible
 Zoom in or out
 So that the main object in the viewfinder
 Gains prominence  In the case of small objects
 Camera macro or flower
 In the mood to take a picture.

Longitudinal images on some objects
 Good comes  After taking pictures of the landscape
 Hold the camera vertically
 How is the picture coming

With no subject in the middle
 A new frame aside
 Create  To take pictures
 Subject to various frames before
 Try Overview  By himself
 Will understand
 Subject is interesting in any frame
 Will show

If the subject is 1 from the camera
 Of feet
 If there is more distance then the picture
 Darkness will come  Flash covers
 When you go out, it will happen.  That's why
 Camera manual before taking a picture
 Read the distance.

Proper use of light
 Makes the image come alive.
 The main condition for taking good pictures
 Being a reflection of the light to you
 Have to know  When taking pictures of people
 Use of soft lighting on cloudy days
 have to do.  The sun on its head
 If the face
 Shadows may fall around

Take time  One is normal
 Not a photographer but a photo director
 Try to be

Add some accessory if needed,
 Arrange the objects in a few ways.
 Bring the origin story in the picture.
 Subject personality photo
 You will understand when you start to grow through
 Opening your hand to take a picture.

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