Cox's Bazar Travel Skills and some essential tips.

Cox's Bazar Travel Skills and some essential tips.

The thought of traveling inside Bangladesh must come first to Cox's Bazar.  Not only domestic tourists, every year from outside the country, many tourists come to see the largest beach in the world.  The day of hearing has come.  Have you seen the sea soaking in the rain?  This is another beauty.  Different fun.  You can go to Cox's Bazar, the world's longest beach to enjoy this delight.  Calling Cox's Bazaar the tourist capital of Bengal will not be wrong at all.  The number of tourists who travel to Cox's Bazar every year is two thirds of the total tourist arrivals in Bangladesh.

How to go and what it will cost

On the Dhaka-Cox's Bazar, numerous cars are moving daily.  Non-AC tickets are priced at Tk.  Traveling in AC-Economy class costs Tk 5 per person.  And you have to go to AC-Business class at Tk 20 per person.  It can be reached at the destination in 5 to 12 hours.

 Or you can go on a plane if you want.  You can visit Cox's Bazar on a domestic flight from Dhaka.

Some tips needed

Be careful before heading out to sea and definitely know when the tide is high.
 Bathing at sea during a leak can be lost in the moment of dangerous voyage.
 Beach Photography: Before taking pictures, verify the ID card of these beach photographers who are dressed in red.  They each have an ID card.

Speedboat: There are several speedboats on the beach.  From Maine Beach, it runs through Laban Point.
 Beach bikes and you can have fun.  Three-wheeled bikes ride the beach at Cox's Bazar.

Cox's Bazar sights

2. Inani beach
3. Maheshkhali Island
4.Sonadia Island
6. Technoph
7. St. Martin's Island

What are the things you can avoid in Cox's Bazar?

Do not drink alcohol in Cox's Bazaar.  So it is better not to leave at night

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